About Us

Inspired by the spirit of her native home Senegal, Isabelle created Tangana Wellness to provide natural, delightful, and sustainable goods for her local Los Angeles community and beyond.

In Wolof, one of the most spoken languages in Senegal, Tangana means “it’s hot”. Tangana is also the name given to the trendy communal outdoor restaurants, where people gather around a table to enjoy homemade fresh coffee, tea and warm sandwiches.

In Senegal, people appreciate beauty through attractive scents, they like sharing meals as a community, and most importantly they love enjoying homemade plant-based drinks in a social setting. These are special adventures that define the Senegalese lifestyle. Also, these quintessential well-being experiences embolden our commitment to share wellness products that are beautiful, flavorful, and have the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

At Tangana Wellness, we bring a fun experience of taste and smell through natural tea and spice blends and the most uniquely blended essential oil only perfumes. 

Healthy is Hot!